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My history and how I got involved with dōTERRA Essential Oils... My story is a bit of a round-about journey. For many years, I've been learning how to improve my health holistically. It all started in 1998, when I chose to meet with a biochemist who did live cell analysis. At the time it was way out there. He gave me books and articles to read and suggested that I move to a plant-based diet. This was the beginning of my journey.

But life is more than just our physical well-being. We also need to put food on our tables. The world was changing. I had a business which I moved online and needed to learn about marketing. This time, my journey took me to network marketing. Many network marketing companies later, I was introduced to doTERRA. Actually, I was introduced to my mentor in doTERRA and a software solution for CRM (Customer Retention Management), Websites, Funnels, and Workflows. Well.... it turned out that I hit the "lottery." Healthy, Clean Products, a Supportive Team, Mentors to Guide Me, and Amazing Essential Oils that have improved my Health and My Emotions..... Want to join me? Please Reach Out.

why i do what i do

My Passion With

Essential Oils

My specific focus (if anything) with essential oils and why... What's better than the scent of Lavender, or Pine Trees in December, or Cinnamon in Coffee?

Have you ever been in a place, smelled a fragrance, and suddenly became transported to a place in your memory. For me, it was being in the South of France in Lavender Season. It was Magic -- a cozy small hotel room with windows that opened on to a view of a delightful courtyard restaurant. Walking down to a Conference Center and eating croissants on the way. For me - that's Lavender.

Since then, I've learned about the healing properties of oils.....

What are your scent triggers; and, what are some of your health concerns that may be improved with oils? Want to Explore?

work with me!

My Essential Oil Business

I get to work with an incredible group of individuals! We support each other, collaborate together, create with one another, and we have a lot of fun doing it all! The best part of all is that we each have created freedom in our lives and in our income. dōTERRA is an incredible opportunity that can change lives! Not only in health, but in wealth!

always be learning!

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